Svod License Agreement

Subject to the rights you grant us under this Agreement, you reserve between us and you all property rights over and on copyright as well as all other rights and interests on and on your titles and subscriptions. We reserve all property rights over and over copyright and all other rights and interests of the program, program website and all Amazon features, as well as all materials we use or make available to you for your titles and subscriptions (for example. B general coverage used for your titles or subscriptions if you don`t provide them. We are solely responsible and play the full game of the terms, features and operation of the program and the website of the program and associated marketing, but our use of titles, promotional materials and subscriptions is subject to the terms of this agreement. If you choose to make suggestions, ideas or comments about the service, program, program website or something on the program`s website (“Feedback”) to Amazon or one of its related companies, Amazon and its associated companies are free to use and use the same thing without restriction and without compensation. This agreement does not grant you a license or any other intellectual property or technology rights owned by us or by any of our affiliates or operated by us, including, but not exclusively, on trademarks or trade names. They agree not to use the trade names, trademarks, service marks, logos or advertising symbols or other property rights of Amazon or its related companies in any way without prior written authorization. There is nothing in this agreement that limits the rights we have under existing legislation or a separate agreement. In the meantime, here is a copy of the complaint filed on behalf of Relativity by lawyers at Browne George Ross.

Attachments include Netflix`s Comprehensive Relativity Agreement, which addresses issues such as content protection, advertising and reporting obligations. The Ryan Kavanaugh-led film company is now seeking more than $1.5 billion from Netflix over an alleged breach of contract and commercial defamation, but it is not the mammoth damages demanded that follow the case. Instead, it is the accusation that Netflix damaged Relativity`s reputation by making false statements to news, producers and talent agencies, including Ari Emanuel at William Morris Endeavor. The prospect of an incredible deposit could only be secondary if a full and unpublished copy of Netflix`s relativity agreement appears. Even the thousands of pages of the bankruptcy proceedings have not produced such a closely guarded document. All payments that Amazon must make to you under this agreement include all transaction taxes that apply to Amazon`s securities license, unless Amazon tells you something else. If and to the extent that payments made under this regulation are subject to applicable transaction taxes and contain these taxes, you will provide Amazon with an original and valid tax bill, as long as it is available under applicable legislation, these transaction taxes are shown separately so that Amazon can , if necessary, claim a credit for these taxes.