Smoking In Tenancy Agreement

I live in an apartment, and I have a neighbor upstairs, and all his smoke arrives in my apartment at one point when I entered my room, and I couldn`t sleep at 10pm because it was full of cigarette smoke. It is absolutely disrespectful to these neighbours. My rental agreement says that my premises are for “enjoyment of life”. Where is my pleasure, where I have to close my terrace door in hot weather because of those who are simply disrespectful? The hallways are full of warnings that smoking is not allowed, but I spoke to the company that manages the building, and they said they could not prevent people from smoking in their homes. Everything`s fine, but could I go to court and ask the owner not to let me “enjoy my livelihood”? I literally feel locked up! Well, well, well. Smokers are addicted. They should be more respectful of things that don`t belong to them, and they walk around and have a fag. Better yet, everyone`s doing us a favor and stop. It also means doing yourself a favour. I`m an owner and it stinks.

The house stinks and it stinks. They do not really have the right to smoke wherever they want, and if they break the agreement, they should be immediately exposed on the street. It`s a bad habit. In this context, we should add an optional clause to our free lease or include a non-smoking clause in the agreement as the standard. Please post your views below or respond to the survey on the owners` forum or participate in the discussion on our Property Hawk Facebook page. The long and short of smoking tenants is that, while the law seems to be on the owner`s side. Applicability is a much more complex and uncertain process. Unless the owners out there have a tip up the sleeve, the best option of all seems to try to make sure you choose an honest non-smoking tenant in the first place.

It is quite possible to add a short clause to prevent tenants from smoking on their property. Our legal partners Fidler and Pepper are proposing something in the direction: A recent survey showed that only 7% of landlords agree to let tenants smoke in their rental properties and yet more than one in five of the population still smokes. So the owners are missing a chance? Well, before making hasty decisions, homeowners in multiple occupation might consider this same research as smoking tenants are not particularly popular with their roommates – Re Council Apartments, they are looking to change that and introducing laws on non-smokers, as it is effective, and can be considered the property of the Council , that it is in fact a government building and therefore falls under the current legislation on non-smokers. They do not have the clause because they would have almost empty properties. Private rentals for Council dwellings do have non-smoking clauses like almost all leases, short-term leases. It`s not true. Smoke damaged furniture carpet curtains etc. Why would the owner accept his disgusting bad habit? Let`s be honest, the rooms stink and the smokers stink.

Get a lower quality property, where it is allowed to smoke, or better yet save us from the smell and stop. As a tenant of an undated house, I should have the right to do in this property, as I see it, and in law.