Service Level Agreement Template For Travel Agency

Our strong international network of travel partners, in addition to well-trained staff, would help meet your company`s travel needs. For agencies, there are two major challenges when creating SLAs. First, agency transaction fees are often set at the lowest in order to win competitive business contracts, so there is not much room for manoeuvre for penalties that would further reduce fees. Therefore, you need to set penalties at sustainable levels while impressing the business with the seriousness of your commitment to service standards. Bawadi Tours is a unique point of contact for all your travels. We offer fast, flexible and quality corporate travel services, while maximizing the value of your annual travel budget. The solution is to provide in ALS that you are not responsible for the actions of third parties that make you not meet a service standard. Although the company wants to challenge your blame with a third party, it should be easy enough for you to prove that the error was not your fault. Second, as you have seen, compliance with many service standards will undoubtedly concern third parties over whom you have no real control. If your evening service doesn`t answer the phone on time or your GDS doesn`t contain the lowest rates, it`s unfair to sanction your agency. Non-recovery or the possibility of obtaining proof of insurance is considered a reason for termination at the discretion of the company.

Travel agency SLAs sometimes add a method by which the Agency measures and indicates that it meets a service standard. You can indicate, for example. B, as your phone`s call time is measured using monthly reports from your phone system. Each company has a Well-trained Eating Account, which will professionally process all your travel requests and respond to your requests. Your Account Manager offers excellent travel options and cost-effective solutions. Mark Pestronk is a Washington-based travel lawyer. To send a question for legal letters, send an email to Pestronk at the [email protected] address. Q: Our agency has been selected to make business trips for a large company in our region. The Corporate Travel Manager has informed us that the company wants a written contract with a Service Level Agreement or SLA. What is ALS? How do we design it? What happens if we don`t have the required levels of service? What happens if our failure is the result of a third party, like .

B of our after-work emergency services? In addition, the company undertakes to provide the travel agency with sales and marketing materials to promote the accommodations and services listed in this agreement.