Micro Focus License Agreement

Welcome to HPE software support! This site contains a number of great features that have been specially designed to suit your personal needs. We focused on improving performance, navigating, usability and consolidating functionality. Please read the options descriptions below and in the navigation menu to give you information about how to use the site to maximize your experience. As a reference, the page`s appearance is divided into four main parts: header, menu, detail and footnote. 2 pieces of Micro Focus Express-licensed software – “Rumba” and “OnWeb Web-to-Host.” In fact, they first bought the software in 2001 from NetManage, which acquired Micro Focus in 2008. Rumba allows users to connect to the mainframe, where they then have to log in to access all the data stored on the mainframe. Express use Resource Access Facility (RACF) Main Computer Access Control Software – only a certain number of employees have received RACF login information that allows them to access the main computer. Without this RACF login information, users can start Rumba, but cannot access the main computer. The following text is Attachmate`s software license agreement for several current reflector products. It is provided here only as AN EXAMPLE of the conditions under which Attachmate generally conceded its software products to customers.

When you purchase software licenses from Attachmate, the actual software license agreement is the license that is attached to the supply of the purchased product and the acquired version. [REMINDER: You cannot provide a product or product or version version version, except in “Authorized Replacement Rights.”] The instructions at the end of this page contain a guide to read this example, as well as information on the search and display of certain product/version licensing agreements. The product order and the CAU are not clear as to the type of license sold in this transaction. The first clearly indicates “authorized users,” but the second is not one of the seven measures outlined – leaving an ambiguous situation. To help resolve the ambiguities of the treaty, other evidence, such as a party`s own interpretations and behaviours, can be seen as a means of light. You can view an attachment license agreement on one of the following types: It is interesting to note that Micro Focus has agreed to forego back maintenance because the customer has not used the licenses… However, he insisted that they pay for overloaded but unused licenses. Micro Focus began in 2015 with an audit of Express and Express reported that the 35,236 users could access Rumba via Citrix – but only 4,932 had the RACF login information needed to access the mainframe.

Micro Focus replied that a user is someone who can access the software and is therefore well above its 10,000 license limit. On April 1, 2016, Micro Focus filed a complaint against Express: the above text is an EXAMPLE of the conditions under which Attachmate generally granted its software products to customers who are provided here only as a general reference. Any attachmate software you receive will be accompanied by your current license agreement and this license agreement may differ from the licensing agreement for another attached product or for an earlier or successor version of the same product. [REMINDER: You cannot provide a product or product or version version version, except in “Authorized Replacement Rights.”] Note: Even if your organization acquires software as part of a special signing agreement with Attachmate, this specific agreement probably refers to the software licensing agreement that is associated with the software. In that case, the client took the seller to court and requested that the licensing agreement not be applicable and that no review penalty was therefore required. Weirton Medical began using Attachmate software in 2004 and continued to do so after the acquisition of Micro Focus in 2014.