National Geographic

Cross Currents: South African Marine Reserves (December 2014)

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Hotspots—New Zealand (October 2002)

Oceans of Plenty—South Africa’s Teeming Seas (August 2002)

Fiordland—New Zealand’s Southern Sanctuary (December 2000)


Organization Man—a tribute to Carl Linnaeus on the tercentenary of the great taxonomist’s birth (May 2007)

The Amazing Albatrosses (September 2007)

Canadian Geographic

Elusive moose (July/August 2006)

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Okavango Delta (June 2005)

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New Zealand Geographic

Sea Change: State of New Zealand Seas (Nov/Dec 2014)

Slow Assassins: Surprising Life of Sponges (Sept/Oct 2014)

Our Disappearing Forests: State of Native Forests (Jul/Aug 2014)

A Sovereign Act: He Whakaputanga/Declaration of Independence (Mar/Apr 2014)

Motu Manawa/Pollen Island (Sept/Oct 2013)

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Who are Tuhoe? (Jan/Feb 2013)

Deniston Plateau (Jul/Aug 2012)

Sperm Whales (Mar/Apr 2012)

Rena Shipwreck (Jan/Feb 2012)

Pegasus Town (Nov/Dec 2011)

Mawson of the Antarctic (Jul/Aug 2011)

Cape Kidnappers (Mar/Apr 2011)

Big Game Fishing (May/Jun 2010)

Manapouri (Nov/Dec 2009)

Puysegur Walk (Jul/Aug 2009)

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Marine Reserves in New Zealand (Mar/Apr 2008)

Linnaeus (Jul/Aug 2007)

Moose in New Zealand (Nov/Dec 2006)

Poor Knights, physiotherapist Rich Seas (Mar/Apr 2006)

Clarence River (Jul/Aug 2005)

Natives in Pines (Mar/Apr 2005)

Whangarei Heads (Jan/Feb 2005)

Tuvalu and Climate Change (Nov/Dec 2004)

A Heart in Winter—Maniototo in July (Sept/Oct 2004)

Coal in New Zealand (July/Aug 2004)

A Wing and a Snare Pt 2—Islands of Birds (Jan/Feb 2003)

A Wing and a Snare Pt 1—Albatrosses in New Zealand (Jan/Feb 2003)