Flower Wall Rental Agreement

Please note that after the signing of the contract and the expected date of the event, all other guests have been denied your specific rents and services for your event and therefore not all payments will be refundable within eight weeks of your event. Other popular floral walls we have created are the white draping, consisting of flowing white curtains, pink and white roses with green on top, and the choice to have twinkling lights behind the curtain for an elegant effect. Our wedding arch rentals in Toronto and via the GTA are also popular. We have the Victorian arch, which is an official earthen arch, often used for wedding ceremonies, and also the prairie arch, which is also used for ceremonies. The meadow offers more of a minimalist outdoor look, while the Victorian arch appears more complete and formal with more thickness. Both are also popular options for wedding decoration. The wall of pink flowers is a favorite for many and is our most popular flower rental. It is often used as a Mississauga Flower Wall because of all the convention and wedding centers in this area. We serve Hamilton for flower rentals, Niagara Falls and All of Ontario. If you are looking for a beautifully colored flower wall with a mix of light pink and red tones, this is the wall of flowers to choose from. As ilustrated below, the pink flower wall is ideal for recording and thousands of guests have taken pictures in front of this wall for some great social media sharing afterwards.

Your guests will be sure to love this wall and it will attract a lot of attention. This wall of flowers for rent is available in 8×8 feet. At the end of the rental period, you must return all devices in the same condition as the one you originally received. You must: Our new supplements contain the purple lavender flower wall is a great choice if your theme contains purple, red similar style. The blush with the wall of green flowers is one of our newest and most sought after flower walls. Its intricate style with a mixture of green, redness, white and yellow flowers make this wall striking and dynamic. It sounds fantastic and I`m sure he`ll be complimenting. Our red petal wall is a classic flower wall, which is very often praised and consists of red roses and green leaves to offer a real look in the background. It is a symbol of love and will be sure to shoot in a quantity for recording. The green bottom of the wall box is rented almost every day of the year (often several times!) by the GTA.

It is often rented for wedding showers, engagement, and can also be very convenient for corporate events and fairs. Our green boxwood bottom walls can be easily supplied, with flowers on top (aka green High Tea) and/or with gold color inscription for a supplement. Registration is customizable to say what you want! Our favorite style is the accompaniment of the wall of green flowers with red and white roses on top (high tea green). It`s a fantastic contrast to the boxwood wall! Are you looking for a Toronto flower wall rental, flower wall rental in Mississauga, Hamilton or wall of flowers to rent elsewhere in the GTA for your wedding or special occasion? Floral Walls Canada is a flower wall rental specializing in the manufacture of premium flower walls in silk and paper and flower leaves. Our flower wall rentals and flower leaves for rent are made of high quality materials. We have been creating them by hand for years and are proud to offer our clients quality wedding sets and event sets.