City Of Yonkers Hold Harmless Agreement

Severability: I also fully agree that the waiver and adoption of risk agreements must be as comprehensive and comprehensive as New York State law allows and that, if some of these agreements are declared invalid, it is agreed that the balance will persist, regardless of legal force and effect. Compensation and harmless maintenance: I also agree to compensate and compensate the parties released from any claim, complaint, lawsuit, expenses, expenses, damages and debts, including legal fees that were brought as a result of my participation in the filing of my video and music selections. Recognition of the agreement: I have read this waiver of liability, risk-taking and the compensation agreement, and I fully understand the terms of these agreements. I acknowledge that I sign this agreement freely and voluntarily and I intend, through my electronic signature, to be a total and unconditional release from all responsibility. Records Office (File Room) Opening times Monday to Friday 9:00 – 13:00 14:00-15:30 Adoption of Rezoning Findings statements from downtown Yonkers Visit the Yonkers City Code and go to Chapter 43. Zoning, under Part V Land Use. If you select Yonkers City Code, please note that you will leave the site and will be subject to the privacy policy of the new site. An amendment to the zoning bylaw, also known as Chapter 43 of the Yonkers Municipal Act and better known as the zoning code, was adopted by the City Council at a declared meeting on Tuesday, September 28, 2010. Read the regulation in the definition of terms, Zoning GO No. 4-2010. To submit video material, you must provide us with the unique url of the you tube video.

Read the end statements at Downtown Rezoning and South Broadway Rezoning. Please copy You Tube`s unique address below and insert it. Some of the attached documents require free viewers. You can download by clicking on the icons below. . Waiver: Considering that, as part of the digital content of Experience Yonkers, the “Experience Yonkers”, I am authorized to submit video and music selections, I will, on behalf of my heirs, personal representatives and/or beneficiaries of the assignment, release, unload, not sue the City of Yonkers, and release its respective executives, Staff, representatives, elected officials and/or associated entities (hereinafter referred to as “declassified parties”) for any liability arising from any liability, claim, claim, act and means arising from or related to losses, damages or injuries, including, but not limited to death, which may be borne by me, or any of my own property, whether caused by negligence of the parties released. or in some other way, when participating in such an activity or during, on or on the premises where the activity is carried out. . adoption by the City Council on December 28, 2011 amending Chapter 43 of the Yonkers Zoning Code. Read the regulation in the agenda, which was noted on 28.12.2011 by the municipality with comments.

. tender form for stormwater management to be submitted when submitting new structures with a building permit application; Supplements patios Access if you increase the waterproof surface. Submit two original water management forms with your building permit application. Not necessary for bridges; scales Sidewalks. Department of Housing and Buildings 87 Nepperhan Avenue, 5th Floor Yonkers, New York 10701 (914) 377-6500 Please note: If the applicant or owner of a property is defective in the payment of a property or value tax to the City of Yonkers or Westchester County for the property on which the application is filed, a building permit may be refused until tax and all fees and interest are paid.