Cap Tenure Agreement

Subject to Article 237 of the Constitution, the whole country in Uganda must be insured to the citizens of Uganda and, in accordance with the following land ownership regimes, be placed at the time of the creation of the seniority and their rightful owners (4), the Board of Directors may, if it has established that any person is entitled to a third party right to a country subject to a conversion to property. , you state that any title to these lands is subject to restrictions, conditions and restrictions that it deems desirable in the interests of efficiency and equity in land management, or that these rights may be fully taken into account by third parties. Functions of the board of directors on request of ownership. Upon receipt of a decision from the board authorizing a request for a transformation of the usual seniority or permission to retain the property, the registrant issues a certificate of ownership to the applicant. (2) Property is a form of preservation that deduces its legality from the Constitution and its incidents from the written law, the – the mutual agreement between the tenant by occupation and the registered landlord. If, after three months of negotiations, the Ombudsman is unable to assist the parties in reaching an agreement on the acquisition of eligible interests, he makes a statement to that effect and is entitled to assist the parties in their negotiations; However, such a withdrawal should not lead the parties to continue negotiations for the acquisition of the shares in question. A person who is not a member of the Community may, with the agreement of the association which cannot be unreasonably withheld, use common land in accordance with the common land management system applicable to that country. When it is necessary to carry out public works on land, an authorized contractor acts by mutual agreement with the occupier or owner of the land in accordance with this Law; if an agreement is not reached, the Minister may acquire mandatory land pursuant to Section 42. 1. This party is authorized to obstruct or obstruct or limit the exercise by traditional authorities of decision-making functions concerning the ordinary mandate or mediation activity between persons arising from cases arising from the normal mandate. the obligation not to transfer to a person rights of occupation, occupation, use or collection of common land, for a fee or by any other means, except in accordance with the provisions of the agreement and the rules of the system; 6. Any party to the negotiations under point 5 may, at any time after the expiry of a period of three months from the start of the negotiations, refer the matter to the mediator in order to assist the parties in reaching an agreement. Legislation on the provision of land ownership, ownership and management; To amend and consolidate the law on land ownership, ownership and management; and other related or fortuitous arrangements The Ombudsman may accept the invitation and provide the parties with all the necessary support to reach an agreement on the occupation, by invitation to the point (2) and whether he himself has been dependent on the reasonable prospect of a satisfactory agreement between the parties.

31. Tenant after occupation. If the parties agree to subdivide the land and own certain portions of the shared land, or if the parties agree to become co-owners of the land, they may submit written proof of their agreement and certified survey plans to the Registrar, and the Registrar is the owner of the land for a specified period of time from a certain start date. , on terms agreed by the lessor and the taker, whose incidents are described in Section 3, and include a sublease; (l) “usual page time”: in the performance of its duties under this section, a land ownership system governed by the regional court gives consent, with or without conditions, which may include or depart from the conditions imposed by the owner, or to refuse consent to the transaction or to postpone proceedings in order to allow the parties to proceed with a