Photo by Frans Lanting
Photo by Frans Lanting

Kennedy Warne co-founded New Zealand Geographic magazine in 1988, and served as editor until 2004.
He now writes for New Zealand Geographic and National Geographic, mostly about nature and environmental subjects. He often writes about the sea, drawing on his academic background in marine biology and a family history in boatbuilding.

He has written and photographed two books: Roads Less Travelled: Twenty Years of Exploration with New Zealand Geographic, a retrospective of his first two decades with New Zealand Geographic, and Let Them Eat Shrimp: The Tragic Disappearance of the Rainforests of the Sea, a book about the worldwide decline of mangrove forests, a loss for which the shrimp aquaculture industry bears a heavy responsibility.

His most recent books are Tuhoe: Portrait of a Nation, a collaboration with photographer Peter James Quinn, which examines the struggle for justice and self-determination by a Maori tribe in the central North Island, and View From the Road, a collaboration with photographer Arno Gasteiger, which documents New Zealand’s main arterial road, State Highway 1.

He has also produced two children’s books with Northland illustrator Heather Hunt: The Cuckoo and the Warbler and It’s My Egg (And You Can’t Have It!)

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Once a fortnight he speaks about the outdoors, nature and adventure on Radio New Zealand’s national morning programme, Nine to Noon, in a slot entitled “Off the Beaten Track.” The talks are podcasted.

Kennedy Warne lives in Auckland.
+64 (0) 21 022 35726